As a Senior Advisor at Shift, David oversees our facilitation and dialogue processes, helping to ensure Shift’s engagements are driven by participants’ needs, are interactive and have a lasting impact on their thinking and decision making. As a mediation and dispute resolution expert, David particularly focuses on facilitating multistakeholder dialogue and cross-cultural collaborations. With Shift, he has facilitated dialogue and led capacity building with companies, governments, financial institutions and civil society organizations in Africa, the Americas and Europe.

Prior to joining Shift, David contributed to the work of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for business and human rights John Ruggie, specifically advising on the role of mediation and dispute resolution tools as part of the Access to Remedy pillar of the Guiding Principles. David conducted this work as part of his role with the Consensus Building Institute (CBI), an affiliate organization of the Harvard/MIT Program on Negotiation.

While with CBI, David worked as both a neutral third party, designing and leading stakeholder negotiations in some of the most challenging parts of the world, and as a trainer, advisor and coach to leaders of Fortune 50 companies in the extractive, high tech and pharmaceutical industries. In the Niger Delta, David designed and facilitated a state-of-the-art stakeholder negotiations process between Chevron, the Nigerian government, and local communities that host oil facilities, leading to more valuable, and sustainable, agreements for all parties. He trained and coached senior leaders from Shell in Nigeria and across Asia in complex negotiations, and worked with hundreds of Hewlett-Packard Company managers on critical negotiations and dispute resolution within their supply chains. He has also advised global pharmaceutical companies on negotiations and stakeholder management in the context of the launch of new drug products.

David earned his law degree from Stanford Law School and his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and African Studies from Duke University. Prior to his work as a mediator, he worked in Zimbabwe and other regions of southern Africa and in Southeast Asia, supporting democratic governance and electoral reforms. David is a United States national.