As an Advisor, Erika contributes to our work analyzing companies’ human rights reporting and is part of the team that developed Shift’s UN Guiding Principles Reporting Database. She also works across our main program areas, leading and supporting work with a range of business, government and civil society partners.

Erika Piquero is an international human rights specialist and advocacy professional who has worked in Guatemala, Honduras, Palestine, Peru, Namibia, and Indonesia. Prior to joining the Shift team, she worked at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) coordinating and managing partnerships for a knowledge-led platform dedicated to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement.

Erika’s experience reflects her strong interest in protecting the rights of women, children, and indigenous peoples as well as a passion for environmental justice. She has maintained a regional specialization in Central America and has consistently engaged in advocacy and research work to support movements in the region.

A native speaker of English and Spanish, her prior work as a legal and human rights researcher included authoring affidavits of expert opinion corroborating cases of unaccompanied minors who had experienced political and gendered violence in Honduras, co-authoring papers on managing natural resources in Namibia’s mining and fisheries sectors, advancing publications and policy documents for national and international policymakers to support mainstreaming of Indigenous knowledge in Peru and managing support for public health programs for undocumented Latino communities in the United States Midwest.

Erika holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and International Studies from Indiana University in Bloomington, as well as a Master of International Affairs in Human Rights and Environmental Policy from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.