Everything we do is mission-driven. And that matters.

At Shift, we have one purpose: to meaningfully transform how business gets done in order to ensure respect for people’s lives and dignity. We believe that the best way to advance our mission is by working directly with businesses to help shape their practice, culture and behavior; and by working with other actors to embed the right incentives into the markets and regulatory frameworks in which businesses operate.

We work with our partners and allies around the world –including companies, financial institutions, standard setters, civil society, trade unions and others– to achieve this goal across a wide variety of geographies and industries. In short:

Why these three agents of change:

Our approach is grounded on the global authoritative standard: the UN Guiding Principles

The UN GUIDING PRINCIPLES are the global authoritative standard on business and human rights. Since they were unanimously endorsed by the Human Rights Council in 2011, they’ve been adopted by companies all around the world, across an ever-growing number of industries. Governments, trade unions, civil society organizations and many other stakeholders use the UNGPs as the framework to engage and drive transformation.

The UN Guiding Principles are at the heart of who we are, and at the core of everything we do. We played an instrumental role in WRITING THEM and are internationally renowned as the leading center of expertise on the UNGPs. Above all, we are backed by years of hands-on work with allies who trust us because they know we understand —and can help them overcome the complex challenges of putting them into practice.


We are Pioneers in the World of Business and Human Rights

A core element of Shift’s identity is our passion for purposeful curiosity and innovation. We love to take the road less traveled and explore the tough, seemingly unsolvable questions in order to develop tools, insights and resources that can help bring about positive transformation.

Through almost a decade of work across industries and geographies, we’ve developed unique, hands-on expertise that has positioned us around the world as leaders and pioneers in several key areas: