As a Senior Associate with Shift, Lloyd engages with our collaboration partners on an everyday basis, with a particular focus advising companies in the extractives sector and in emerging markets. As a leading expert on human rights impact assessments, Lloyd has a deep understanding of the impact on communities and workers of large scale infrastructure and extractives projects.

Lloyd is an international human rights lawyer with 20 years of experience working with companies, governments, national human rights institutions, civil society organizations and indigenous peoples on corporate impacts on people. As an expert on human rights impact assessments, Lloyd has led or participated in on-the-ground assessments in Canada, the United States, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Eritrea, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, China, Philippines and Vanuatu.

Lloyd has particular expertise on indigenous peoples rights, economic, social and cultural rights and stakeholder engagement. He regularly publishes and makes presentations on a wide range of human rights issues relevant to companies, industry associations and governments. Lloyd also sits in the board of Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education.

Lloyd previously served as the senior assistant to three presidents of the Canadian human rights organization Rights & Democracy from 2003 to 2008, and participated in all aspects of the organization’s management and programming, including the development of a community-based human rights impact assessment methodology. He began his career as a corporate litigator at McMillan Binch in Toronto. He successfully represented clients at all levels of the courts of the province of Ontario and in the Canadian federal court system and developed a specialization in class actions, mediation and dispute resolution. Lloyd is a graduate of Queen’s University and McGill University and is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. He is a Canadian and United States national and speaks English and French.