For three years, Shift worked with companies, investors and civil society to research and co-create improved ways to evaluate business respect for human rights, which is the core of any company’s social impact. The result is a set of tools and resources divided in two categories: the first focuses on whether companies are wired to respect human rights, including at the level of their business model, governance and cultures; and the second on how to develop indicators capable of measuring the effectiveness and impact of company actions to achieve positive outcomes for people.

All four tools are free. You can download them, use them and adapt them to your needs and context. And please, do CONTACT US to share your experience and feedback.

The Tools

How Companies are Wired

Evaluating Impact



Accounting for a Living Wage

Shift and the Capitals Coalition have joined forces to develop an accounting model that companies can use to measure and report publicly on progress towards living wages across their workforces and supply chains over time. Learn More

Behavioral Science

Shift partnered with the Behavioral Science Group at Warwick Business School to examine how working conditions for couriers could be improved by nudging online consumers towards longer delivery windows. Learn More

The Valuing Respect Project and its outputs were made possible thanks to the generous support that we received from our funders, as well as the close collaboration with regional partners, academic institutions, companies, investors and civil society organizations. Learn more about our journey to better evaluation here.