The International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) CARE Process is a program to promote ethical manufacturing in the toy industry supply chain. Its mission is to enable the worldwide toy industry to ensure that its products are manufactured in safe and humane workplace conditions for factory workers, by providing education and training to key actors in the supply chain, and enforcing a thorough and consistent assurance and factory monitoring. Its initial focus is in China, where 80 percent of the world’s toy volume is manufactured. Its intent is to provide a single, fair, thorough and consistent program to monitor toy factories’ compliance with ICTI’s Code of Business Practices

In 2012, the ICTI Care Process (ICP) asked Shift to help it assess the implications of the Guiding Principles for its work. Through a combination of desk-based research and interviews with representatives of key stakeholder groups, including in China, Shift conducted a high-level gap analysis designed to review and assess the general strengths and weaknesses of the ICP’s processes against the Guiding Principles. Through this review and assessment, Shift developed concrete conclusions and recommendations for consideration by the management and Board of the ICP, with particular attention to education and capacity-building needs required to meet the ICP’s objectives.