Developing Red Flag Indicators of Human Rights Risks in Business Models

This document describes Shift’s approach to developing Red Flag Indicators of human rights risks in business models. The indicators will be a tool to help company leaders, boards and investors recognize and tackle risks to people that are embedded at the core of how a company delivers on its value proposition. We set out here our approach, structure and supporting resources for this tool, as we continue to consult widely on how to ensure its value and impact.

Stakeholder Voice: Learning from Affected Stakeholders to Better Evaluate Program Effectiveness and Outcomes

An increasing number of companies, investors and civil society organisations have expressed the need to better evaluate the effectiveness of company efforts to mitigate adverse human rights impacts in terms of outcomes for affected stakeholders. This paper focuses on ways to involve “stakeholder voice” in that evaluation, by which we mean the experiences, perspectives and insights of affected stakeholders. These are stakeholders who are affected by companies’ operations and business relationships, and can include community members, workers and consumers.