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Does our human rights work… work? The case for experimentation and testing

Everyone working to ensure that business acts with respect for people is in the business of behavior change. We want companies, and individuals within them, to act in ways that enable respect for human rights. That being so, it’s intriguing that we have not drawn on the vast range of existing psychological insights about how […]

The Way Businesses’ Social Performance Gets Measured Isn’t Working

The way businesses' social performance gets measured isn't working - at Shift, we are starting a major new collaboration to help change that.

VISIT | The Valuing Respect website  Companies’ social performance matters! Thirty years ago that might have been viewed as a radical campaign slogan. Today it is a pretty mainstream observation. The reality of how business activities can negatively affect the lives of people across the world has become inescapable.  Business conversations at major gatherings such as the World Economic Forum […]

By Caroline Rees
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