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Indicator Design Tool

The Indicator Design Tool enables business practitioners to develop targets and indicators that show whether or not their efforts to advance respect for human rights are working, and why.

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Assessing the Quality of Relationships

The Quality of Relationships collection consists of eight resources: a series of three case studies and five methodologies, featuring a variety of contexts, industries and tools to help companies assess the quality of relationships and embed stakeholder voice across their due diligence efforts.

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Measuring Quality of Relationships: Using ICMM’s “Understanding Company-Community Relations” Toolkit

While the need for good relationships between companies and their host communities is widely recognized, there is very little clarity on how to assess if a company is achieving this goal. The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), has developed the Understanding Company-Community Relations Toolkit as a structured approach to measuring the quality of relationships between mining companies and their host communities, with the ultimate goal of using the information to improve them.

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Cultivating Voice in Relationships: Using Regular Micro-surveys at Scale to turn Stakeholder Experience and Perceptions into Actionable Data

This note profiles Constituent Voice (CV): a way to engage and learn from large numbers of people about how company, government and funders' programs and activities impact them. CV, developed by Keystone Accountability uses a small number of simple questions (micro-surveys) asked at scale and over time in order to generate real-time insight that helps companies and their stakeholders to quickly and easily identify, foster and monitor improvements.

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Business Model Red Flags

Shift’s Business Model Red Flags are a set of indicators -developed through the Valuing Respect Project – to help assess whether a business is wired in a way that inherently puts people at risk. By using these 24 Red Flags, companies and their stakeholders can be better equipped to make decisions at business-model level, in ordder to prevent and mitigate risk to people.

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